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An authentic but unique Milano gourmet pizza is the beginning of the Ambrogio15 story. A special dough recipe, an innovative pizza-making process, high-quality Italian ingredients, a holistic approach to the food and beverage world, a focus on sustainable agriculture and farming, along with a deep love for Milano, where Andrea and Giacomo grew up, and for San Diego, where they studied, worked and became who they are now. These are some of the concepts that make up the Ambrogio15 project. The idea was born in both Milano and San Diego, in the minds and the hearts of two young Italian guys who decided to leave the corporate world to begin a new adventure of passion, friendship, and a bit of foolishness.

The two entrepreneurs spent more than a year developing their main product — a special paper-thin-crust pizza — Conducting taste tests all over Italy, they created a new and original recipe that combined the best of every single pizza. They perfected recipes after hundreds of trials, selecting ingredients from the top small-scale, organic, and sustainable producers and farmers in Italy — mozzarella from the Consorzio della Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, aged Parma Prosciutto, DOP (controlled destination of origin) cheeses and cold cuts, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar from Modena, etc.

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